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Aspa Band Sons Pvt. Ltd.

This was the 1st major project undertaken. This is one of the major Maruti Suzuki Cars Dealer in central India. This was the time bound project with priority to finish in 3 month. We took this project and completed in 3 months. The biggest challenge for us in this project was to take out the images of all the cars of Maruti. Every car have different color, we have to collect the images of all the colors , check whether those are suitable for using in web site. This was biggest challenge , fortunately we got good pictures of all the cars. With lots of meeting with authorised person from the company , we finalize the design and then completed the project in just 3 months.

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Diamond Books Pune.

This is one of the major books publications in Pune. This was another challenging job for us. The challenge in this project was to design how to give simple but effective look and feel for the web site. As this is site where books will be published and sold oneline. Thus it will need lots of books covers to be uploaded regularly. Also need to remove the old one and update the cover if new edition comes in. Thus with lots of communition we finalize the lay out of the web site, which was very simple but effective. Later the major challenge was whether to purchase shopping cart program or shall we design our own shopping cart mechanism. As we were new in this industry so it was a bit difficult to know wat exactly happpens in shopping cart. Thus with lots of efforts we design our own shopping cart, developed the program for that and use the payment gateway for online purchase of the books. This project gave us really great success as we manajged to develop our own shopping cart mechanishm and add payment gateway for the first time. This was major achievement for us.

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Happy Journeys Tours Unlimed

This was fairly a new project, which was totally based on image, and text. In this project we have to dig deep as there are tons of travelling website. So to make it one of the different web site we did lots of sitting and finalizing the itinerary of the tours with the owner. They have different concepts , we did lots of sitting and later finalize the menu, we also helped them to create some good tours, gave some good suggestions for designing the good tours. Even though this was a fairly easy task, but we were more happy to help the owner to create some good tours, interect with them about arranging tours. Gave good suggestions about doing advertise of their business using hording, banner , gave some good schemes. Thus every time business is not thing in our mind. Thats why we have lot of satisfied customer which created a very long term relationship with us.

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Amol Fertilizer

This was the 1st major software project infront of us. In this project we developed whole financial accounting-manufacturing-sales cycle. They manufacturer fertilizer. They have different products. Our challenge was the mainting the number of products produced in a day, and the whole lot same way keep the track of the raw material used for manufacturing this product. Thus we developed nearly two different software in one. Another part of this software was the sales team, we designed the whole hirerchery for the sales team, from creating group leader, team leader and above them. Plus we developed small module for their sale commession, min max sales with their commession based on the no of produces sold. Thus creating hirerchery for team and group leader. In this software we developed 1st time the financial account for them. The whole accounting package , which include daily expenses, sales, purchase, staff salary calculation , receipt , payment entries, credit note , debit note, keeping track of raw material used. This was an absolutely comprehensive solution in one software. This helped us learn again many things like what need to be done for designing payment structure for sales team. We got chance to learn accounting while developing this software. Thus every project we do is a new challenge and gives use lot many new things to learn.

We have given here just couple of projects what we did, but it is just small list from our many other project. These are the major we did. These project were mentioned because these were the early days of our venture. This gave use tremendous hope and encoragement to work more harder to achieve greater heights.

There are many other project we did after this. There are many web stie developed and now manintaining. Those website and software and not last. During working of those software and web site we learn a lot of things.

During developing these web site and software we came accross many good people , which is an asset for us. We belive business is not the only thing we do, we collect and maintain good friendship also with those customers. Thus we always try to give our best service to every customer.